Pheromone Clothes Moth Traps For Closets by MothPrevention 3 Pack

A 3 pack of natural, non-toxic, safe to use moth traps. For catching Clothes Moths and Carpet Moths. These moth traps work as wool moth traps for getting rid of sweater eating moths. Will not attract other species. Simple to use and highly effective with an impressive catch rate, due to the entire glue strip being impregnated with natural moth pheromones.

  • 3 Carpet / Clothes Moth Traps for clothes in this pack
  • 3 month lifespan per Moth Trap
  • These closet moth traps can be hung in wardrobes / cabinets using the removable hanger or placed on shelves
  • Catches a broad range of Clothes Moths & Carpet Moths
  • Natural moth trap for clothes, non toxic and safe to use in the home
  • MothPrevention moth traps for clothes covers 3x the surface area of other moth traps
  • Entire Sticky Glue Strip of these sticky moth traps are impregnated with natural moth attractant
  • This is a clothes moth catcher trap and will not attract other species
  • 1 Sticky Strip included with each sticky moth trap
  • Reusable/Refillable moth sticky traps
  • Replacement Clothes Moth Trap Sticky Strips Available
  • Pheromones Engineered in Germany exclusive to MothPrevention. Proven to outperform all other moth traps in the market