Pest control For Ants

Why do your own Ant Control?

Ant control with professional ant baits. Up to 35 percent discount. Ant killing has become a simple task with ant baits such as Maxforce or Drax. DIY ant control is easy.

Because the eradication of most ants has become a very simple task. The chemistry of ant baits such as Drax or maxforce has been developed to a stage where back-packing a sprayer has become almost a thing of the past.
Maxforce ant bait is now also in easy to use pre-packed bait stations
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Granular insecticides made from diazinon or dursban tends to kill the worker ants too fast. This alarms the active queen and makes her move house and set up a fresh colony.How to get rid of ants! Click HereFire Ants – Kill Fire Ants
The rest of the storyAnts -BUDDING EFFECT
caused by fast killing.
…..But the story gets worse.  Fast ant kills causes what is known as “the budding effect” which  increases the number of ant colonies.  Why?  Because with many ant species there is always a number of inactive queens. But when they move all these queens become active and will start their own new ant nests. Ants -NOW YOU KNOW WHYWhen you try to kill ants quickly new ant nests appear a few feet away practically overnight.   When the workers start to die quickly an alarm is raised.   The queens leave the nest within a few seconds of the alarm going off and soon they are all breeding again close by.Ants –
Baiting for ants gets the ants to work for you.  Just put the right bait in the correct place and the ants take it home and kill their queens and their buddies too.   Baits are designed to work a little slower than other forms of treatment but they are more effective because the Queen does not get alarmed by the slower reduction in her worker ants.Ants –

A complete broadcast coverage of granules such as diazinon will be effective for a short while but it merely sends the ants next door and they’ll return in even greater numbers when its safe again.  Baiting is more effective. The colonies die and job stays done.
COMMON ANTSThe most common of these pests, which bother homeowners  are, fire ants, Carpenter ants and sugar ants. We have selected baits which will be most effective against these Colonies.  However, these products used together will deal with just about any known species of ant.
Ants –
We have selected a  pair of great products which just about all the professional pest control officers use. These ant killers work great together. One kills fire & carpenter ant colonies and the other gets those annoying little sugar ants which invade your home, roam around the kitchen or get into your closets and clothes drawers.
Easy.  If the ants giving you a problem bites or are carpenter ants you need to buy   Maxforce. 
If the ants are merely a nuisance and don’t bite, commonly known as sugar or grease ants. then you should buy  the Drax.  
If you are one of the millions unlucky homeowners that has some of each type, you’d better buy both, they work great together.
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