Maxforce roach bait

Maxforce roach bait professional pest control supplies. The very best raoch bait you can buy. Cock roaches can’t resist this stuff. They always take a lethal dose and go back to their nest to die. When dead they are eaten by their buddies and in turn their buddies die.

More Pest Control Officers choose Maxforce Gel because:-
Great for use in restaurants because your customers will not see the dead roaches.

Long-lasting gel with best bait acceptance. The inert protein food source is simply irresistible and is odor free to customers.

Now also in easy to use pre-packed bait stations

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Maxforce has USDA authorization for use in federally inspected meat & poultry plants.

Use Maxforce Gel in residential food processing areas without covering food preparation surfaces during treatment.

Use Maxforce Gel in occupied rooms of hospitals, nursing homes, and extended care facilities.

Maxforce Gel retains its high moisture content in a wide range of conditions so that it remains soft and palatable until it is consumed. .

Maxforce’s exclusive Domino EffectTM delayed killing action enables one contaminated roach to kill many others where they live and breed. A foraging roach is guaranteed to receive a lethal dose from a single feeding, but lives long enough to return to the harborage where its poisoned feces are consumed by other roaches.

Great deal bonus packs for Roaches

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A great product for use in hospitals, schools, restaurants and other places visited by the public where safety is paramount and dead roaches should not be seen.

They die in their nest and get eaten by their buddies. They are NOT found dead on your kitchen or restaurant floor!

Happy Maxforce Roach Bait User

The following email from Wesley and Kay Morton who lives in Harrisburg Arkansas
who are a delighted user of our Maxforce roach bait.

ATT: Dave Tuplin-I received my order on 1-26-2000-on 1-29-2000, I used Maxforce gel per instructions and by 2-2-2000 I didn’t believe it my roach problem was all ready cut in half. And today on 2-5-2000 I just can not believe it – I may see one or two here and there I have yet to use the Demon roach spray. But “I will”
I just wished that I had known about your product sooner. You could have saved us hundreds of dollars. My wife and I have used sprays,foggers,smokebombs and so on I,Wesley and Kay Morton, thank you so much P.S. You have made a life long customer(Sorry about the first message my dog needed some loving so she pushed on my arm that had the mouse in hand) Thank You Again

We wrote back as follows:

Wesley, Thank you for being so kind taking the time to let me know of your successful maxforce attack on your roaches.
You may see a few small roaches appear so don’t stop using your maxforce roach bait until you see none at all. Thanks again

PS. I get quite a few thank you letters but yours was more explicit and simple to read.

Would you mind if I re-produced it on my site. Obviously I will not disclose your email address but your name and town would help to ensure people that it is not just a fraud.
If you do not wish me to use it I will understand.


Wesley replied as follows:

No I would not mind you using my letter on your site.
My wife would pleased to answer any questions people might have. (It works) I just told the truth. Her e-mail address is