Maxforce Ant Bait

Dont chase ants around kill them where they live. You don’t need to know where the nest is because the ants will take the bait back to their nest and kill th queens

Maxforce Ant bait is the ideal means of targeted elimination of ant infestations. Baits are used to kill the entire colony, not just foraging workers.

If the ants bite such as fire ants or if they are carpenter ants this is the product you need.

The granules are unobtrusive, ready-to-use, and take less time to apply than conventional insecticides.

Now also in easy to use pre-packed bait stations

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No backpack sprayer or hose is required to apply bait. Ant baits eliminate chemical drift, will not harm plants, and are odorless.
Maxforce ant bait is a great product for hospitals, schools, restaurants etc. where public safety is paramount. Maxforce is pet safe, harmless to children and the environment.

A customer quote:
“Your maxforce ant product is absolutely great! For the last three or four years ants were destroying my lawn. MAXFORCE really does the job! I’m almost ant free, and am ordering more!”
Feel free to use my quote. My name is Dick Mates.
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how maxforce works

Ant Biology & Baiting
MAXFORCE® Ant Killer Baits were designed to work compatibly with the biology and social behavior of ants to achieve effective control.

The ant population in the colony includes ants in the four developmental stages: eggs, larvae, pupae and adults. Through prophylaxis, or the sharing of food, the entire colony consumes bait containing hydramethylnon or fipronil for effective control.

Workers locate food and water and return it to the colony and feed solids to larvae. The larvae digest the solids, producing a liquid.

The other member of the colony take this liquid and feed each other and the queen. When larvae consume bait as food, their liquid output contains the active ingredient.

With a conventional crack and crevice application of a contact insecticide, only a small percentage of the colony is normally exposed. Additionally, using conventional insecticides to kill foraging workers can result in colony budding.

One or more queens may move with workers to a new site to establish a new colony or colonies. This expands the infestation and makes future control efforts more difficult. MAXFORCE® Ant Killer Baits are a far more effective method of control.

When they are used, the ants do the work for you, transporting the bait directly to the nest, via the MAXFORCE® Domino EffectTM.

Advantages of Maxforce Ant Baits:
Long residual, long-term control
Ideal speed of kill
Great bait acceptance
No known resistance
Broadly labeled
Non-volatile and non-repellent
Ideal for IPM programs
Proper Placement of FC Bait Stations
Place bait station by ant trails and/or where ants have been seen. Place three bait stations in an average size room, or approximately one bait station per 100 square feet. (Increase for heavy infestations.)

Do not spray chemicals or disturb trails between ant nests and bait stations. Killing ants or disturbing trails will prevent ants from carrying the bait back to the colony.

Proper Placement of Bait Granules
Fire ant mounds are treated with one ounce (2 tablespoons) around the perimeter of the mound. A 1/2 ounce application is sufficient for treatment of cracks and crevices. Apply 4 to 8 ounces in a 1-2 foot wide band adjacent to the foundation around the perimeter of buildings. To broadcast granular bait, use one ounce (2 tablespoons) per 1,800 square feet.

Indoor applications include cracks, crevices and other inaccessible areas such as wall voids, unfinished attics and crawl spaces within residential and non-residential buildings or structures and within non-food/non-feed areas of industrial, institutional, and commercial buildings.

We offer a money back quarantine providing you follow our instructions, you will not have Ants in your home for a year. (Maybe Longer)

Email from a happy maxforce roach bait user

Happy Maxforce Roach Bait User

The following email from Wesley and Kay Morton who lives in Harrisburg Arkansas
  who are a delighted user of our Maxforce roach bait.

ATT: Dave Tuplin-I received my order on 1-26-2000-on 1-29-2000, I used Maxforce gel per instructions and by 2-2-2000 I didn’t believe it my roach problem was all ready cut in half. And today on 2-5-2000   I just can not believe it – I may see one or two here and there I have yet to use the Demon roach spray.   But “I will”
I just wished that I had known about your product sooner. You could have saved us hundreds of dollars. My wife and I have used sprays,foggers,smokebombs and so on I,Wesley and Kay Morton, thank you so much P.S. You have made a life long customer(Sorry about the first message my dog needed some loving so she pushed on my arm that had the mouse in hand) Thank You Again

We wrote back as follows:

Wesley, Thank you for being so kind taking the time to let me know of your successful maxforce attack on your roaches.
You may see a few small roaches appear so don’t stop using your maxforce roach bait until you see none at all. Thanks again

PS.  I get quite a few thank you letters but yours was more explicit and simple to read.

Would you mind if I re-produced it on my site.  Obviously I will not disclose your email address but your name and town would help to ensure people that it is not just a fraud.
If you do not wish me to use it I will understand.


Wesley replied as follows:

No I would not mind you using my letter on your site.
My wife would pleased to answer any questions people might have. (It works) I just told the truth