How to get rid of ants

Effective ant control using ant baits and ant gels. Kill fire ants, carpenter ants, and sugar ants. We also have the solar trap ant killer.

How to get rid of ants!
Ant Control – Ant Killers – Ant Baits
Types of Ants
Ant control for fire ants, carpenter ants, sugar ants, and most all species of antsFire ants, carpenter ants, and sugar ants are the most common ants that bother people. We have selected ant killers which will be most effective against these Colonies, however, when Maxforce and Drax are combined together, it will deal with just about any known species of ant.

Swarming insects in the Spring may or may not be termites. Winged ants are often confused with winged termites. Ants have bent antennae, termites have straight. Ants have thin waists, termites have thick. Ants have front wings that are longer than their back, termite have both pairs the same size.

How ant baits work
Ant Baits are designed to work compatibly with the biology and social behavior of ants to achieve effective control. Granular ant killers made from diazinon or dursban tends to kill the worker ants too fast. This alarms the active queen and makes her move house and set up a fresh colony.
Baiting for ants, gets the ants to work for you. Just put the right bait in the correct place and the ants take it home and kill their queens, and their buddies too. Ant baits are designed to work a little slower than other forms of treatment but they are more effective because the Queen does not get alarmed by the slower reduction in her worker ants. Ant bait is the ideal means of targeted elimination of ant infestations. Baits are used to kill the entire colony, not just foraging workers.

Types of Ant Baits
Ant Bait Gelant bait gel for ant control. Drax ant bait and Maxforce ant bait gels, kills ants slowly, but effective.
No backpack sprayer or hose is required to apply Drax ant bait. Ant baits eliminate chemical drift, will not harm plants, and are odorless. Drax Ant bait gel is not available in stores. Drax controls a variety of protein and sugar feeding ants, including the Pharaoh ant. Drax is pet safe and harmless to children and the environment.

Ant Bait GranulesGranular ant bait by maxforce. Ant bait granules for ant control also effectively kills the ant colony.
If the ants bite, such as fire ants or carpenter ants, Maxforce is the product you need. Treat fire ant mounds with one ounce around the perimeter of the mound. Apply 4 to 8 ounces in a 1-2 foot-wide band adjacent to the foundation around the perimeter of buildings. To broadcast granular bait, use one ounce per 1,800 square feet.

Indoor applications include cracks, crevices and other inaccessible areas such as wall voids, unfinished attics and crawl spaces within residential and commercial buildings. A 1/2 ounce application is sufficient for treatment of cracks and crevices

Ant Bait StationsAnt control with pre packaged ant bait stations. Kills ant colonies. Maxforce ant killers
Place ant bait stations by ant trails and/or where ants have been seen. Place three bait stations in an average size room, or approximately one bait station per 100 square feet. (Increase for heavy infestations.)

Do not spray chemicals or disturb trails between ant nests and bait stations. Killing ants or disturbing trails will prevent ants from carrying the bait back to the colony. Maxforce is the product you need for ants that bite, such as fire ants or carpenter ants.

Fire Ant TrapFire ant killer called the Solar ant trap. Kills fire ants using solar power.
The Solar Fire Ant trap is ideal for use around homes, gardens, farms/ranches, play areas, around pools and ponds. The Solar Fire Ant trap was developed by as an alternative to using dangerous chemical found in most ant baits, though our Drax and Maxforce ant baits are not harmful.

The unit runs on sunlight, so there is no need for batteries etc. It’s very low maintenance and lasts for years of use. The fire ants are stimulated by electricity, so they attack the fire ant trap and fall into the cone where they continue to attack each other. When there is very little activity or cone is full of fire ants, just dump out dead fire ants and go on to the next troublesome mound.
No Ant Pet Food Dish
Ant less Food Dishant control for pets with the antless pet bowl.
The Bowzer bowl is designed to stop ants from getting to your pets food. The base section is uniquely designed to either trap ants or to merely stop them reaching the bowl section. When filled with water the ants do not even try to get further, if kept dry the ants are confused and marooned inside the base.