Fire ants and how to control them

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information on how to control fire ants.Fire ants are not native to the United States. They are thought to have arrived in Southern Alabama from South America in the 1930’s. As with most non-native plants or animals, they took to their new environment with great gusto due to the lack of any natural predators. By the 1960’s infestations were reported in most states across the south east region of the country, and by the year 2000 they were entrenched in all walks of Southern life.

They are a constant source of damage to commercial, agricultural and domestic areas. They cause around fifty million dollars worth of medical and veterinary bills per year. Up until recently, the most common approach to controlling them was to call in a pest control company or spread some fast acting poison to wipe them out.

Fortunately there is now a do-it-yourself pest control product that:

  • Kills the ants that find it.
  • Wipes out the entire fire ant colony.
  • Easy to Apply
  • Harmless to children, pets, and the environment.

Maxforce ant killer kills fire antsThe (made in the usa) Maxforce ant bait, attacks fire ants by turning one of their greatest strengths into their greatest weakness. Fire ants are incredibly effective foragers (the colony sends out ants to locate food and bring it back to the nest). All you have to do is sprinkle some maxforce ant granules AROUND a fire ant nest and leave the rest to nature.

You’d think on top of the nest would work better, but it doesn’t. This agitates the ants and seems to have the effect of making them suspicious – if you agitate them too much, you will alert some of the ants (including the queen) and they will relocate and build a new nest for safety. Then you have multiple fire ant nests to control. However, if you quietly approach the nest, sprinkle the bait in a circle 6 to 12 inches outside the nest’s area, the fire ants will do the rest for you by finding that food and returning it for the whole colony to “enjoy”. Some of the larger nests require up to two table spoons of the granules or you can also tackle it with 2 or 3 smaller doses spread over a few days apart.

The ant granules also have some great side effects too: They kill crickets, roaches and some other types of ant (including carpenter ants). While the granules are lethal if you are a fire ant, they are not poisonous to humans or other animals (although it is not advisable to allow family members or pets to swallow the product).

As with any pest control product, please read and follow all instructions on the label. The outline instructions above are a summary of the instructions and are the tried and tested formula for 100% satisfaction. And yes, we stand by that 100% satisfaction statement. If you are not entirely satisfied, please return the product for a full refund.

Fire ant mounds are treated with one ounce around the perimeter. A 1/2 ounce application is sufficient for treatment of cracks and crevices. Apply 4 to 8 ounces in a 1-2 foot wide band, adjacent to the foundation around the perimeter of buildings.