FAQs about roach control

Is it better to spray, use a fogger or use baits for roaches.?

It is much easier and more efficient to use professional bait such as Maxforce roach bait. Spraying or fogging has a quick knock-down effect but baiting gets rid of the whole colony.

How do Baits work on roaches?

Maxforce roach bait is created so that roaches find it practically irresistible. They always get a lethal dose. They then go back to their nest where they die. Roaches are cannibals so they eat the dead body of the contaminated roach. The cannibals die and in turn they get eaten. This is called the domino effect which makes killing off a nest totally a quick and decisive affair.

I have had my house treated by a professional pest control company. The treatment worked for a time. Why do they come back again.

Re-infestation may occur at any time due to the transportation of roaches in articles brought into the home. Especially shopping bags. Empty shopping bags immediately and keep some Maxforce roach bait around all the time to make sure new arrivals die before they can reproduce in numbers.

Are the baits you supply safe for children and pets?

Yes, Maxforce is safe to use around children and pets It does not have any effect on mammals unless taken in massive quantities.

I have roaches in my kitchen and they always seem to be around the dish-washer, the stove or the fridge. Why is that?

They are finding food particles and/or water. Sometimes it’s hard to change the feeding habits of roaches if the food they are eating is more attractive than the bait. In this case the source of the food needs to be either removed or made inaccessible to the roaches. This can be done by spraying around the food source with a solution which has a high residual effect such as Demon WP. The roaches which cross the Demon die and the other roaches will soon stop using the source.

How can I stop roaches from coming into my house from outside.?

Roaches enter your home through places such as cracks around plumbing and under doors. Treating the area around your home with a high residual effect such as Demon WP. The roaches which cross the Demon die and will not come into the house. You will need to spray every 3 months or so. Keeping the drains sealed in baths and sinks will stop roaches from coming from the sewer system.

Do your products come with instructions for use?

Yes all our products have been selected for their safety and ease of use. Instructions on how to get the best result accompany each product.

Why can’t I find the products in my local stores?

All the products on our web-site are normally only available to professional pest control companies. Pest control products found in stores are less effective and therefore more expensive in the long run.

I have a pest control problem which I wish to discuss with a professional pest control officer. How can I get a question answered without paying them to come and do the job?

During normal business hours
(8 – 5pm Eastern standard time) you can call us on our toll free number. 1 – 877 266 3532. We will be pleased to answer your pest control questions free of any charge. Please only ask us about the pests we offer solutions for. Ants – Fleas – Roaches – termites.

Where can I order Roach Control.