FAQs about Flea Control

Is it better to spray, use a fogger or use a growth inhibitor for fleas?

It is much easier and more efficient to use a professional growth inhibitor such FleaFix.

Fogging has a quick knock-down effect on adult fleas but approximately 85% of the flea population in your home or yard are eggs or Pupae which are not affected by such actions.

How do Growth inhibitors work on fleas?

Growth inhibitors stop the eggs or pupae from hatching and therefore kill off the total population. Adult fleas do not live very longer, maybe a week or two at most, therefore growth inhibitors have a devastating effect upon the fleas within the same period.

We have had no animals for about a month, why are the fleas worse now ?

As long as animals are around, fleas will be attracted to them. But fleas will take whatever is available and start biting human. The fleas are hungry adults looking for their blood meal. Fortunately they do not survive well on human blood and won’t be able to reproduce, so the population will die out, but it may take several weeks before this happens.  However, if an animal re-enters the house or the atmospheric conditions become suitable,  it may well trigger off the dormant eggs to hatch.

If you have fleas it is better to kill them than to let them go dormant.

Are the products you supply safe for children and pets?

Fleafix is safe to use around children and pets. They do not have any effect on mammals unless taken in massive quantities. However, it is better to let the product dry before allowing young children or pets on the sprayed area.
Pets and young children should not be allowed into the room during the time that the Permethrin is still wet.

I have fleas in my yard but do not keep animals in the house so I don’t have a problem inside. How do I get rid of the yard fleas?

We do not supply a product to deal with fleas in the yard. Spraying with a solution with a high residual such as lindane 20% works well. But care should be taken. Lindane will kill fish if you have a pond and if your home is close to any water body the runoff will be harmful to aquatic life. It is better to apply lindane with a hose end sprayer to ensure that you apply sufficient to soak into the soil where the fleas are hiding.
There has been a lot of research into the use of biological control products available for flea suppression are those containing nematodes, for treatment of the yard.
Get further local advice from your County extension officer before using the products mentioned above!

How can I stop fleas from coming into my house from outside.?

Fleas normally enter your home on animals or on your own body. but they will also come into the house through places such as cracks around plumbing and under doors. Treating the area around your home with a high residual effect such as Demon WP. The fleas which cross the Demon die and will not come into the house. You will need to spray every 3 months or so. Growth inhibitors such as FleaFix in the house stop any flea which enters from successfully reproducing.

Do your products come with instructions for use?

Yes all our products have been selected for their safety and ease of use. Instructions on how to get the best result accompany each product.

Why can’t I find the products in my local stores?

All the products on our web-site are normally only available to professional pest control companies. Pest control products found in stores are less effective and therefore more expensive in the long run.

I have a pest control problem which I wish to discuss with a professional pest control officer. How can I get a question answered without paying them to come and do the job?

During normal business hours
(8 – 5pm Eastern standard time) you can call us on our toll free number. 1 – 877 266 3532. We will be pleased to answer your pest control questions free of any charge. Please only ask us about the pests we offer solutions for. Ants – Fleas – Roaches – termites.