FAQs about Ant Control

Is it better to spray, use a fogger or use baits for ants.?

It depends upon the density of the adult flea population. It is much easier and more efficient to use professional baits such as Maxforce or Drax.
Spraying with Permethrin or fogging has a quick knock-down effect if the pest are creating an intolerable situation, but baiting gets rid of the whole colony.

How do Baits work on ants?

The baits are created so that ants find them irresistible. They take the bait back to the nest and feed it to the larvae. The larvae then secrete a poisonous liquid which is fed to the queen(s) [sometimes as many as 5 or 6 dormant queens] The queen(s) die slowly without becoming alarmed. The ants which carry the bait also die but once the means of reproduction is removed from the nest the whole colony dies.

I have used granules in an attempt to get rid of ants in my yard but it seems that they only move a few yards and multiply?

If the queen becomes alarmed by her workers dying she will leave the nest very quickly by an escape route built into the nest. Once she moves the dormant queens, as many as 5 or 6, also move but they set also set up new colonies close-by. Now there are more nest and eventually more ants.

Are the baits you supply safe for children and pets?

Yes, both Drax and Maxforce are safe to use around children and pets. They do not have any effect on mammals unless taken in massive quantities.

I have ants in my kitchen and they always seem to be heading for the dish-washer. Why is that?

They are finding either sugar, grease (protein) or water. Sometimes it’s hard to change the feeding habits of ants if the food they are eating is more attractive than the bait. In this case the source of the food needs to be either removed or made inaccessible to the colony. This can be done by spraying around the food source with a solution which has a high residual effect such as Demon WP. The ants which cross the Demon die and the other ants will soon stop using the source.

Do carpenter ants eat wood?

No they only eat into the wood to make their nest. The wood they remove can be seen outside the entrance to their nest in a form like saw dust.

Do your products come with instructions for use?

Yes all our products have been selected for their safety and ease of use. Instructions on how to get the best result accompany each product.

Why can’t I find Maxforce or Drax in my local stores?

All the products on our web-site are normally only available to professional pest control companies. Pest control products found in stores are less effective and therefore more expensive in the long run.

I have a pest control problem which I wish to discuss with a professional pest control officer. How can I get a question answered without paying them to come and do the job?

During normal business hours
(8 – 5pm Eastern standard time) you can call us on our toll free number. 1 – 877 266 3532. We will be pleased to answer your pest control questions free of any charge. Please only ask us about the pests we offer solutions for. Ants – Fleas – Roaches – termites.

I am unsure which ants I have and product to buy. Is there a test I can do to tell me whether I should buy Drax or Maxforce?

Yes – A very simple test. Put some peanut butter on a piece of kitchen foil and put it in the area where the ants are. If they eat it buy Drax, if they ignore it buy Maxforce.

How large an area will baits cover?

Baits are really not governed by the size of the area. It has more to do
with the size of the infestation.
Ants will find the baits and take them back to their nest. Even if the nest
is in adjoining property.
Placing the bait is important to get the best results. Place Drax where
you see the ants – If outside cover the bait in wet periods. If inside use
1 syringe and put the bait out in small blobs taking care to ensure the two
colors stay separated. The second syringe should be used to replace eaten
bait. Even though you will see a vast decrease in ants almost immediately
you must keep the baiting in place for 90 days to ensure complete

The maxforce is applied by putting a teaspoonful beside ant mounds or nests.
You can of course lightly broadcast the maxforce granules if you have a very
large area which badly infested. In the latter case buy the 6lb jug
otherwise just buy a 10 oz jar and get more latter if it is not sufficient.
The ants should take enough maxforce back to their nests in the first 48
hours. A dry period should be chosen to apply it.

Will the ants come back again?

Re-infestation may occur, especially if your neighbors use insecticides such
a diazanon which just moves ants around. The shelf life of both products is
practically indefinite as long as the containers are sealed, so it is wise
to keep some bait available if you see signs of ants trying to move back in.