Drax Ant Killer

Drax Ant Killer – Don’t chase ants around, kill them where they live with Ant Bait. You don’t need to know where the nest is because the ants will take the bait back to their nest and kill the queens

Our professional ant killing products make ant control easy. Drax Ant bait gel is not available in stores. Drax is a great product for ant control in hospitals, schools, restaurants etc. where public safety is paramount. Drax is pet safe, harmless to children and the environment.

Ants Make Trax For Drax.

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The environmentally responsible, dual ant bait formulas put maximum ant control where you want it.

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What a satisfied customer has to say about DRAX

Email from a happy Drax User

Email from Steve Lathan dated January, 29 2002

My wife and I live in the central valley of California we have been fighting ants for years…they come and go depending on conditions.
Usually the over the counter stuff works fine…but this last year due
to extreme conditions we were over run. They invaded the dishwasher and
the kitchen and cupboards…..yet for a twist this time they decided to
invade both bathrooms. In desperation I repeated the over the counter
treatments yet the ants weren’t responding. My wife and I were getting
to the point of accepting these pests and when she said call an
exterminator I don’t care what it costs I took action. Thinking I could
do the job if I was equipped with the right ammo, I logged on our Apple
and found this wonderful website. I ordered Drax and Maxforce….I
followed the directions and sprayed outside for extra coverage. even
though I knew the colonies were living under my solid slab foundation as
protection from the elements… Well here is the good news. I called the
local pest control company and asked them about these products…Guess
what…that’s what they use and he was surprised I could order it…All I
can say now is the ants are gone…and they aren’t just gone gone….the
whole colony is dead gone….I hope my inspiration doesn’t end up
sounding like an info-mercial…I just hope you will not feel you have
to accept ants as a way of life…if you have gotten to the point where
you can watch a video and flick them off your arm…then its gone to
far…fight back…

Steve Lathan, Hanford, California