DRAX ant bait


  • Environmentally responsible
    The DRAX ant bait delivery system is the most effective way to target and control a wide variety of ant infestations.
    • The DRAX system uses environmentally responsible boric acid particles to control a wide variety of protein and sugar feeding ants, including the Pharaoh ant. This makes it a great product for hospitals, schools and restaurants where safety is paramount.
    • The DRAX Ant Kill Gel formula for controlling common household ants is based on the ants’ natural behavior and feeding habits. Adult ants ingest DRAX and return to the colony to feed the bait to other members.
    • The result — the elimination of the entire colony, including the queen, for long-lasting control of ant infestations.
  • A university-proven ant bait treatment.
    To create the most effective formula, university testing determined the food ingredients most attractive to ants.
    • DRAX Ant Kill Gel sugar and boric acid formula contains apple and mint to attract and control a wide variety of ants, including Pharaoh ants.
    •  DRAX-PF boric acid formula contains peanut butter and oil to attract and control other protein, oil and grease-feeding ants.
    • Efficiency tests prove DRAX is highly effective and has long-lasting results without supplemental spraying treatments.

Ant Treatment Program

Day# of Ants% Ant Reduction1

Environmentally responsible ant control treatment.

  • The active ingredient in DRAX Ant Kill Gel is boric acid, a compound mined in the Mojave Desert in California. Boric acid is odorless, with low toxicity to mammals, yet highly toxic to ants. Boric acid can be used with confidence in environments where harsh chemicals, odors and newer synthetic type baits are not desired.
    • DRAX Ant Kill Gel is ideal for use in homes, restaurants, grocery stores, schools, warehouses, hotels, and even hospitals and nursing homes. DRAX is EPA registered and USDA authorized. F-2 rated.
TIPS: Before you start baiting you have to snap the tip from the dual syringe.  Between the two barrels of the syringe is a small cap which needs to be removed for later use as a cap to cover the end of a partly used syringe.  

When applying the bait make sure that the two baits (green and yellow) stay separate. One is for protein eaters and the other is sugar. If you mix them together the bait will be useless.

If you want to put the bait on a counter top or other place where the bait may cause a clean-up problem, put the bait on some aluminum foil or in a bottle cap.
  • Inside Baiting: Use the DRAX Dual Syringe. Apply 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches of bait in linear placements. Apply where ants are seen and to predictable ant entrance sites such as window sills and door frames, on countertops and around water sources and sinks.
  • Outside Baiting: Use the DRAX Dual Syringe. Apply where ants are seen entering a building, around door frames, windowsills, and along walkways. Apply alongside ant trails and nests. Apply DRAX in a uniform pattern (every 3 or 4 paces) along the building’s foundation ledge or at 12 foot intervals between the building and cement walkways.
  • Localized Treatment: When survey baiting indicates a localized problem, re-baiting need only be confined to the localized area.
  • Total Area Treatment: When extensive treatment is necessary, re-baiting at 30 day intervals is recommended for the first 90 days with increased baiting placement as cycles progress to achieve total control. Major population reductions (up to 99%) will, in most cases, be noted after the second baiting.
  • Drax treatment plan for general areas
    Use the following rule of thumb to determine how many syringes you will need:
    For each thousand square foot under roof order two syringes. If you apply bait every 30 days for 90 days you will probably use one and a half syringes inside and half a syringe outside.

This is a copy of an email from Robin Kibosh (28th November 2000).
Reproduced with Robin’s kind permission.

(Through previous emails we discovered that Robin was mixing the two colors of the bait together making it useless.  This is what happened when it was used correctly)

Hey Dave!  I did not know that we are NOT supposed to mix the two “poisons.”  
However, listen to this:  Thanksgiving night I had washed all but a couple of
pots because of space limitations in our postage stamp-sized kitchen.  Within
an hour, there were ants crawling all over the pot that contained remnants of
mashed potatoes.  This pot was on the stove.  I decided to apply the Drax (in
two even streams side by side) on the outside of this big pot.  

Well, needless to say, the ants went nuts over the Drax and proceeded to cover the entire pot.  It was sort of creepy, but I figured the pot was out of the way,
I wouldn’t be using the stove for awhile and I wanted these guys to go

The next morning, they were still all over the pot, and I freaked,
it was literally “alive” with ants!  I took the pot, threw it in the sink and
filled it with water to wash it and ! applied more Drax to the wall above the
stove where the ants were traveling.  They all crowded around the Drax, some
eating the green stuff, more eating the honey-colored stuff, and in a little
over 24 hours, they were gone, back to their colony hopefully feeding the

The ant situation is much better, however we still have a group
coming out from the burners inside the stove.  We picked up the stove top
this evening and put Drax in there (we are still heating up left-overs in the
micro and won’t be using the stove for awhile.  I think the bathroom ants
haven’t eaten the Drax, because we did not apply it in two smooth lines.  
It’s all slopped in a corner as we did not realize we had to remove that
black plastic middle section and were pushing with all our might to get the
poison out (You may want to include that in your on-line instructions)!  I
will re-apply the Drax in the bathroom tomorrow!

Thanks for the tip.  Sorry this is so long, but you don’t know how wonderful it is not to be picking ants off your arm or from your coffee cup!  Thank you again!
Robin Kuborssy

After we asked for Robin’s permission to print the above, this was the response.

No problem!  When I like something, I let people know about it!  I am also a
very good PR person and will refer others to your website.  In the same
respect, when unhappy, I also let people know about it!  I am not shy!  
Thanks for your help.  So far, things are really shaping up in our apartment.
 The ant situation has definitely dwindled.  The hardest part is explaining
to my little girl that “no, we are not killing Flick!” (From ‘ A Bug’s Life.’
Take care.