What’ the difference between ants and termites?

Do I have ants or termites? Pictures of Winged Ants and Winged Termites Plus worker ants compared to worker termites – Below you will see the difference between these two similar looking pests

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What’ the difference between ants and termites?
Winged Ant or Winged Termite?
Swarming insects in the Spring may or may not be termites. Winged ants are often confused with winged termites. Ants have bent antennae, termites have straight. Ants have thin waists, termites have thick. Ants have front wings that are longer than their back, termite have both pairs the same size. Compare your insects with the images below.

Winged termite vs Winged ant

Winged Ant

Winged Termite
Worker Termite or Worker Ant?

Termite and ant workers compared

Worker termite

Worker ant