Demon WP

Demon general insecticide spray. This product is great for almost all pest insects. It is especially useful in controlling heavy infestations of roaches

Demon WP Marketed by Zeneca Public Health in a range of specialist formulations for use by professional pest control operators and Government pest control agencies.

Note: DemonWP is not available in some States. Not because of toxicity but because they do not allow any product which is labeled “professional use only”.
The Formulation we offer is designed for roaches and other crawling insect control and is probably used by more Pest Control Operators than any other product.

It contains 35.6% Cypermethrin (pyrethroid) as its active ingredient. It is supplied in a pack of 4 water soluble sachets.

One sachet is placed with 1 gallon of water in a pump-up sprayer and sprayed as per the easy instructions on the pack. 1 Gallon is sufficient to spray a 2000 square foot house inside and around the perimeter.
Keep animals and children away from sprayed area until the product is dry when it becomes completely pet safe, harmless to children and the environment.

We offer a money back guarantee providing you follow our instructions, you will not have Cockroaches in your home for a year. (Maybe Longer)

Demon is a great roach killing product but when used in conjunction with Maxforce roach bait it becomes an unbeatable team and provides a completely roach free environment.
(Or any other insect for that matter.)

DEMON WP delivers proven control of a wide range of pests in less than one hour. In a test of German cockroach control, DEMON WP offers a knockdown time twice as rapid as that of Tempo WP, reaching 100% knockdown at only 25 minutes of continuous exposure.

Especially effective against cockroaches, the active ingredient in DEMON—cypermethrin, an advanced pyrethroid, controls many pest species, including:

German cockroaches, American cockroaches, oriental cockroaches, brown banded cockroaches, and smoky brown cockroaches
Spiders and scorpions
Hornets, wasps, and bees
Sowbugs, pillbugs, crickets, silverfish, firebrats, millipedes, centipedes, and sod webworms