The Bowzer Pet food Bowl – Keep your pet food from from ants

The Bowzer Bowl – Antless Pet Dish – keeps ants and other crawling insects from reaching your pet’s food.Save pet food- stop attracting ants & keep pets happy by keeping their feeding dishes ant free
How it works to keeps your pet’s food free from ants and other insects.

The Bowzer bowl is designed to stop ants from getting to your pets food. The base section is uniquely designed to either trap ants or to merely stop them reaching the bowl section.  When filled with water the ants do not even try to get further, if kept dry the ants are confused and marooned inside the base.Foraging ants leave a trail from food sources they find all the way back to their nest.  This trail tells the other ants where food can be found.   Once the first ant gets back to the nest a multitude of them soon appear.  The bowzer bowl does not let the first ant find the food – so no multitude ever appears.No matter how you say it – the bowzer bowl stays ant free, ant free, ant-free, ant less, antless or ant-less.The dimensions of the bowl are 5 Inches high and 10 inches across.  At first some customers think they are too large for a small pet, but within minutes small pets find them easy to use and are perfectly happy eating from a larger dish.  The fact that they can eat without being bothered by ants is by far more important. 
Testimonials from happy users of the ant free Bowzer pet food bowl 

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Testimonials from happy pet owners who use the ant free Bowzer Pet food Bowl
What Good Dog said about the bowzer bowl.  
From Judi Sklar – Good Dog Magazine”I took the bowl, filled it with water, put some kibbles in and set it outside next to an ant bed.  I also put out a regular bowl with some kibbles. An ant promptly made for the regular bowl and got in.  Another ant tried to get to the food in the bowzer  No go.  I left the bowls and went back to work.   Some hours later I went to retrieve them. There were live ants in the regular bowl, but none in the bowzer bowl.”*****************
What Randy Cooper said about the antless bowzer bowl.  
From Randy Cooper – Allegen, MI”I have been using the Bowzer Bowl for two years now and am very happy with it.  Living out in the country, my dogs (and cats too) have had to put up with many types of crawling bugs in their food.  Bowzer Bowl has put an end to this and the bowls are now bug free.  Thanks Bowzer Bowl.”*****************
What Cindy Andras said about the ant-less bowzer bowl.  
From Cindy Andras – Safety Harbor, FL”We have two cats and I decided to put their food put on the screened-in deck for the night.   The next morning the entire area was crawling with ants.   So we called Bowzer Products Inc. and got a Bowzer Bowl, and put it in the same place on the deck.    It has been there for months, and not one ant has been found anywhere near it!   Our small cat (only 5 lbs) can reach the food easily but the ants can’t.   We and our cats are very happy with the results! Anyone who has a pet should have a ant-less Bowzer Bowl.”*****************
What Jerry Cook said about the ant free bowzer bowl. 
Jerry Cook – Marrietta, GAI had an idea of how to keep ants from getting to my dogs food.  The idea was to put a regular bowl inside a bigger bowl with water in it.  It worked real good but occasionally the dog would tip the bowl over so I decided to design one which would not tip over and get it made.   Before calling in a plastic molding company and spending a bunch of money I had a look on the internet and found the Bowzer Bowl.  I ordered one and found it was very similar to what I had in mind but when I pulled the base off the top, I found it was designed much better than my idea.   My dog’s food has never seen an ant since.

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